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Group - E motorhome rental

Features:  · Manual transmission  · 2014/2017  · 2.2 L 

PRICES INCLUDE: Unlimited kilometres, Full Comprehensive Insurance (Except for the first 600.00 € Charged), VAT 16%, Leaving costs (first bottle of gas and WC chemical fluid), 24-hours road assistance (valid in all Europe), Maintenance (according to the hiring contract norms), Free parking for your car during the services, Prices in Euros.

Euromotorhome Rental information

Euromotorhome have branches in Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona but will also deliver and pick up Motorhomes to many other cities in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany or Belgium for additional delivery fees.   Customers can even travel one way between our physical depots and other cities.   Euromotorhome offers free transportation to and from Airports in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga to their depots for vehicle pick up and drop off.  There are not any companies in Europe with this special service included on the prices. We will meet you at your Hotel or Airport location in other cities where we do not have a physical depot. This fantastic service carries through all areas of your rental with us and we are looking forward to helping  to make your vacation a success.

Euromotorhome Rental Rental Terms

RATES INCLUDE - Unlimited kilometres - Full Comprehensive Insurance (Except for the first 600.00 € Charged) - VAT 21% - Third Party Insurance (cover up to 50 million of Euros) - Leaving costs (first bottle of gas and WC chemical fluid) - 24-hours road assistance (valid in all Europe) - Maintenance (according to the hiring contract norms) - Free parking for your car during the services - Prices in Euros. Note: Household Kit. is on request only for International customers. The household kit is not available for domestic customers. The Kit includes: Set of dishes, glasses, coffee cups, cutlery (knives, spoons, forks). Coffee machine, saucepan, frying pan, skimming ladle, can opener, cooking pot, sleeping bag/s, pillow/s. If you require any extra specific items, please place your request at the time of booking and we can price this item for you. If you require the household kit please ensure you request this item as it is not a standard inclusion. The Household Kit is available for hire at a cost of €100.00 CANCELLATION POLICY The initial deposit paid is non-refundable. In addition to forfeiting your deposit, the following charges also apply: - From day of booking confirmation up to 33 days before the commencement of the hiring: 50% rental cost. - If it is notified between 32 and 19 days before the commencement of the hiring: 80% rental cost. - If it is notified within 18 days before the commencement of the hiring: 100% rental cost. INSURANCE Motorhomes mentioned in this contract are insured according to law , with a 600,00 € excess deposit. If there are any accidents during the term of the rental contract, the customer would assume that amount. SECURITY DEPOSIT In order to guarantee good use and correct return of the vehicle, a Security Deposit of 600,00 € by credit card is required before departure, ( accepted credit cards are -Visa , Diners or American Express). The security deposit will be refunded after checking the vehicle by the technical service,who will decide with a detailed note, if there is any damage caused by the wrong use,the amount that customer will have to pay. In that case, the customer will approve to use the deposit. If the valuation of damages could not be made immediately, the lessee would have 30 days to refund the remaining deposit, once it had been deduced the reparation cost for the caused damages. If the bill is not over, and consequently ,the payment for using of the rented motorhome, penalties and other concepts, the customer will accept that, that amount will be paid with the credit card used for the renting. MINIMUM RENT For groups A, B, G, P and H the minimum rent will be of 7 days all the year. For the rest of the groups the minimum rent will be of 3 days in low and middle season. For the High Season and Easter always the minimum rent will be of 7 days. TIMETABLE From April to October: - From Monday to Friday 10,00 to 14,00 and 16,00 to 20,00 hours. - Saturdays morning from 11,00 to 13,30 hours. From November to Mars: - From Monday to Friday 10,00 to 14,00 and 16,00 to 19,00 hours. - Saturdays closed. Sundays and local or national festivities Closed Apart from this, we know that sometimes we have to be flexible with timetable, especially if there are customers who come by plane, by train or by ship. For that reason it is possible to pick up or to return vehicles on holidays ( subject to availability ) EXTRA CHARGE FOR SERVICES OUT OF NORMAL TIMES Delay on deliveries or returns that require the Branch to open outside the normal timetables, including the necessary time to make the transfers from/to airports or others will incur a surcharge of 100,00 €. if the excess time is more than 1,5 hours the extra charge will be 200,00 € These extra charges are to apply independently of the penalties written on the contract and hiring conditions and they are to apply to customers who arrive on the limit hour and then require additional time to process their luggage or to make the transfers; in all cases the customer has one hour for delivery and return on the booking confirmation and on the hiring contracts and are fully notified of the normal timetables and operations). DELIVERIES AND / OR RETURNS The deliveries or returns of vehicle at any Spanish airport are possible with extra money. Free service of transfer from / to airport in Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga. (Subject to availability) Transfers between Euromotorhome branches -Free service between Euromotorhome branches subject to availability. on the case of unavailability extra charge of 200,00 € each service would incur. - Branches in 2008 Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga. - Minimum services between branches 10 days rental (please consult us for shorter periods). Transfers for delivery or return: In Madrid or Barcelone is available whit some conditions: Pick Up: a) Flight information and phone number of the customer with all the codes whit the mínimum of 7 days before the pick up. b) Available only inside the normal timetable of the depot and for services whit mínimum 8 days payed. c) This service is free service BUT always “on request” and “subject to availabillity”; probably not always we can do it but if one customer need it we try to get the free service. Always we send confirmation for this service by e-mail after the official solititation. The solititation could be directly by the customer by e-mail or by your enterprise. d) Only available for the El Prat airport in Barcelone or in Madrid Barajas airport. e) In Madrid possible free transfer, subject to availabillity always, from hotels airport área. Always we will need phone of the customer with all codes and their contact on the moment that they required the services the day of the delivery. The customer after the writed confirmation must contact whit us by phone. f) In Barcelone and Málaga this service is unavailable (Hotel services). g) Never available for hotels on the city. h) In case of unavailabillity, this enterprise could be get authorisation to take one normal taxi whit official fares from Barcelona El Prat airport or from Madrid Barajas airport. When the customer arrives at the depot whit their flight tickets or boarding card together with the official receipt of the taxi we reimburse it directly. One taxi for each service and on request for vehicles Group E, G or H could be possible “on request” two taxis. Only for Pick Up. Drop Off: i) On the return in Madrid or Barcelone, we get free transfer if the customer goes directly to the airport to take one plain (El Prat in Barcelone or Madrid Barajas) to do it on the delivery the customer must to show us the flight tickets. In any case the service is “subject to availabillity” because some times the congestion of customers or services don’t permit it. j) For return services the customer must arrive 45 minutes before, as mínimum, of the hour to closed the depots. k) Service available for services whit mínimum rent services payed of 8 days. This service is free and not included in any price, for this is not possible to accept complaints for this concept; it’s one special attention to the customers that they don’t pay. Deliveries and/or returns in other cities different than Madrid, Barcelona or Málaga Inside Spain - Minimum service paid 10 days. -  National services extra cost of 420,00 € for deliveries on airports on other city inside Spain. - One city where we have not depot one time (pick up or return) on the case that the service was accepted for pick up and return the cost will be the double. This service are always subject to availability and is necessary to make the consultation on the moment to make the booking or the first request of availability. This special service is valid exclusively in programmed services accepted on the moment of the booking confirmation and there are not possible changes or modifications after the official confirmation. Outside Spain Are possible returns on other countries of the European Community with the minimum of 18 days service charged and paying the extra charge for the special transportation. This service are always subject to availability and is necessary to make the consultation on the moment to make the booking or the first request of availability. This special service is valid exclusively in programmed services accepted on the moment of the booking confirmation and there are not possible changes or modifications after the official confirmation. Please note: Inside or outside Spain we have an urgent return service at a fee which could be rated as special interest and on occasion will be subject to availability. In case of this urgent services are not possible to apply the normal conditions, in each case is necessary to calculate the extra charge if the service is running. “One Way” services inside Spain: - Extra cost of 300,00 € for one way services using our depots (Madrid, Barcelone or Málaga). LATE PICK UPS AND EARLY DROP OFF'S If the hirer, by his / her own unilateral decision, started late or finished earlier the rental, he would not have right to any refund. PLACES Without charge at our facilities in Madrid, Málaga and Barcelona; this branch has a free transportation from/to airports on this cities. Transfer services from/to hotels on the cities are available always under availability (Please consult it). The deliveries and/or returns always made on the branches because today there are special restrictions in some areas inside the cities and also on the airports. The free transportation is available exclusively for travellers who use air services or similar for Pick Up and Drop Off and with services of minimum 7 days. If the customers come to our branches by car they can to park it in our installations free of charge. TRANSFERS Where flight or other details needed for transfer on arrival are not provided, or where the wrong details are mistakenly provided, Euromotorhome is exonerated from any liability to customers and the agency, and passengers must pay costs arising as a result, or make their own arrangements to travel to the branch. Whatever the case, flight information should be notified to Euromotorhome at least 7 days prior to the start date of the services. In the case of transfers confirmed in the reservation for airport pickup, the following rules will apply: a) In the case of domestic flights, Euromotorhome staff will go to the arrivals gate of the relevant main concourse 30 minutes later than the scheduled time or the time at which the flight actually lands. Passengers must, therefore, wait in or around the aforementioned gate, if exiting before that time. b) In the case of international flights originating in the European Economic Community, the estimated exit time is, likewise, at least 30 minutes. c) For international flights originating outside the European Economic Community, Euromotorhome staff will proceed to the arrivals gate in the main concourse 60 minutes after the scheduled or actual landing time, and passengers must follow the same instructions as for domestic flights. d) If, once the flight has landed, the passenger has not exited in the time specified in the aforementioned sections, Euromotorhome will wait a maximum of 45 minutes, after which the customer will be obliged to contact the Reservations Switchboard and make his or her own travel arrangements to the branch, or else pay 100.00 € in expenses, in addition to being liable for other costs for out-of-hours handover. It is therefore recommended that your passengers be warned of this eventuality, in order that they immediately contact the Reservations Switchboard in case of lost luggage or other items, in order to avoid the aforementioned surcharges. DRIVER CONDITIONS .- Must be 25+ years old. .- To have driving license (B) in force for a mínimum of two years. The driving license must to be valid to drive in Spain. .- For not European Unnion citizens is necessary the International Driving Permitt. .- In all cases where the driving license was from outside the European Unnion is necessary the International Driving Permit. .- Bellow there are more information for special situations, please read all terms. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR CHINA CITIZENS The China Republic don’t used the International Driving License because not signed of the International Agreement of Geneve from 1949 year about driving by roads and also is not inside the International Agreement of Vien in 1968. For this to one China citizen can to rent one vehicle in Europe has some options.
  • On China country:
    • Official translation of their driving license: In Spain only is considered official translation and valid to any Spanish Administration or Ministry the translation made by one Spanish embassy or consulate on the foreign place. After it the Spanish Foreign Ministry and Cooperation must to be legalized in Spain.
  • On destination:
    • Official translation of their driving license: The China Representative Diplomatic or Consulate in Spain that must to be legally on the Spanish Foreign and Cooperation Office or Ministry .
    • OR the translation made by one interpret jury Spanish legally by the Spanish Foreign Ministry, this translation are valid directly without any procedure more to legally the document.
    DOCUMENTS: A non-European Union driving licence will not be valid where a European Union passport is used to enter Europe, even where in possession of an international driving licence. The entry passport and the licence must bear the same nationality. The international licence is only there to compare categories and languages between countries, and must be accompanied by the original in order to be valid. Should the customer fail to provide the compulsory original documents at the time of handover of the vehicle to the customer, or the latter does not have in his or her possession a credit card to which to charge the deposit, Euromotorhome may refuse handover of the vehicle, which would be tantamount to a cancellation or no-show, with a penalty of 100% of the value of the hire taken out. PRC DOES NOT ISSUE INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENCE, since it is not a signatory and does not adhere to the Geneva International Convention on Road Traffic of 1949, or the International Vienna Convention of 1968 on road traffic. That's why for a tourist of Chinese nationality to rent a car in Spain, there are several alternatives: a) In his country (China): official translation of his driving license. In Spain it is only considered an official translation and therefore valid to be filed with any agency of the Spanish administration, a translation carried out by a Spanish diplomatic or consular representation abroad (to be later legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in Spain ). b) At destination (Spain): official translation of his license done by:
    • The diplomatic representation in Spain of the country that issued the document, which must be subsequently legalized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.
    Or by a Spanish translator / interpreter appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, These translations are exempt from legalization and are valid without any additional processing. RESTRICTION It is completely forbidden to use the vehicle for any activity opposed to the binding agreement set out in these terms and conditions. It is also completely forbidden to carry more people than that allowed by the law; to go above the speed limit, to carry goods that are or are not allowed by our legislation, to transfer the title, neither to cover or to take away the society’s anagram. AIR CONDITIONING The vehicles are A/C (ONLY front cabin). The A/C only can be used with the engine ON and is not permitted to use with the key turned on without the engine power on under any circumstance. RESTRICTED AREAS Vehicle must not be operated in Africa (Morocco and the other countries), Bosnia and Russia. PETS Pets allowed on board, but we require one special clean from the customers to remove any allergy problems for the next customer. The vehicles should always be clean inside before the return the customer. FINE AND TICKET The customer is solely responsible any fine if he/she is fined. He/she will be also responsible for any fault where the vehicle is impounded or held back. In this case, the customer would run with the expenses and the loss for the lesser ,during the time the vehicle is impounded. This would be applied by each day the vehicle is impounded, according to the model and prices of the hired vehicle. If the vehicle is impounded by any reason and exclusively caused by the customer, he/she would assume damages caused by that impounding. CLEANING FEES The motorhome must be returned clean, and with WC and all residual water containers properly emptied. Otherwise, the customer will pay the amount of 100,00€ cleaning fee. RENTAL EXTENSION If the customer wants to extend the rental period of the scheduled days, he /she will have to communicate to the rental centre no less than three days prior to the end of the contract. The possible confirmation of extra time will be subject to the availability at that moment, without any kind of obligation by the enterprise. The hirer not adhering strictly to the extension rules will be punished with triple the daily price to the amount that is reflected on the contract, each day prior to the late return not due to major reasons. VEHICLES AND UPGRADES: Euromotorhome will always provide the group or vehicle officially confirmed, in cases of accident, breakdown or late-return of the assigned vehicle; Euromotorhome reserves the right to substitute the reserved vehicle and category with any other category group higher than that reserved. The aforementioned will not give rise to any entitlement to reimbursement or compensation, as an upgrade is always to a vehicle with a higher cost per day. The prices shown include maintenance cleaning of the vehicle interior as well as that of the whole exterior; nevertheless, where the vehicle is returned with the interior soiled, Euromotorhome may charge the customer a variable amount of between 40 and 100 euro in this regard, dependent on its general state and the criteria of the Euromotorhome service technicians. SCHEDULE OF SERVICES The time at which the service commences will be that set out in the confirmation of reservation document. In the event of a customer with a reservation arriving at a different time, later than that shown in the official confirmation, the previously confirmed time will be taken into account for return, and not that which would apply due to the service having started later. A no-show by the customer at the place and time agreed for the start of the service will be deemed a unilateral annulment of the contract and reservation, by the customer, with a penalty of 100% of the value of the hire taken out, and the aforementioned no-show will empower Euromotorhome to take possession of the reserved vehicle, with the customer entitled to no compensation whatsoever. TRAVEL INSURANCE We strongly recommend that all people travelling in Spain take out Personal Travel Insurance. EUROMOTORHOME POLICY 1. The rental centre reserves the right to modify the reserved vehicle the same day of the delivery by another vehicle of the same category and / or seats, or other, of a superior category. 2. Customer could not demand any compensation if, by unforeseen circumstances, the vehicle could not be given on the scheduled date.
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